Prepare Yourself with the “3P’s” of the Home Selling Process

“3P’s” of the Home Selling Process

Prepare Yourself with the “3P’s” of the Home Selling Process

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you probably have a ton of questions. Selling a home is a complex process, and to get the best possible result, homeowners and their real estate agents must work together to prepare, market, and ultimately sell the home. To help you through your home selling journey, I created this checklist to show you what you can do to get the best possible price for your home in the shortest amount of time.

1. Preparing your home for the market

To ensure your home sells within your timeframe and for the best price possible, you need to properly prepare your home. When choosing a home, homebuyers must be able to see themselves in your home from the moment they pull into the driveway. Preparation consists of three key areas: repairs, staging, and cleanliness. Take care of these three areas, and your home will feel move-in ready for buyers.

Preparation consists of three key areas:

  • Repairs
  • Staging
  • Cleanliness.

Take care of these three areas, and your home will feel move-in ready for buyers.

2. Price – Properly pricing your home is essential for getting the best price.

When it comes to pricing, there are many common mistakes that sellers make, all of which drive away potential buyers. Learn the dangers of pricing your home out of the market (and how to avoid it), so your home generates lots of buyer interest and competing for offers!

3. Promotion – Today’s buyers are online. Make sure they can find your home!

Today, the home selling process is much different than it was even a few years ago. In 2001, only 8% of homebuyers found their homes online. Today that number has skyrocketed to more than half of all buyers. To generate the most interest in your home, you need a promotional plan that integrates traditional marketing with online marketing.

When you’re looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling a home, you’ve come to the right place. The experience, dedication and strong communication you’ll receive here will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home:

  • The Local Advantage – Take advantage of a broad spectrum of technologies and tools to support the sale of your home from start to close.
  • Internet Advertising – Since the lion’s share of home buyers starts their search on the internet, top placement on search engines is essential. You’ll gain access to placement on Google, Bing, and other websites. This will maximize your exposure and bring a large number of potential buyers to view information about your home.
  • Email Campaigns – It’s important to “work the network.” We can work together to identify the right people to target your home-and get in touch with them by email to drive excitement and interest.
  • Personal Touch – Of course, technology alone won’t sell your home. Face-to-face interaction provides the advantage to sell your home, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. The details will be handled with care and constant communication, to ensure the marketing and sale of your home go smoothly.

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